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The Dish Closet, Formerly Known as the Pantry

Our house was built with a laundry closet in the kitchen. Now, I am positive that for a great majority of the population, this is a perfectly reasonable arrangement. But, since I am married to a rancher, there was just … Continue reading

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Chocolate, anyone?

Wouldn’t you know it? Only a week after I took some outdoor photos of all the different, beautiful colored eggs that my flock lays, my only Black Copper Marans hen laid her first egg. I had wondered whether she would … Continue reading

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New Old Dresser

When we got married, The Husband had a couple of…unique dressers. As in, dated, dark, formerly part of a set that included a 1980’s era waterbed with bookshelf/headboard. At the earliest opportunity, the dressers were relegated to closets. First they … Continue reading

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Who needs easter eggs?

My flock of ducks, geese and chickens is colorful, and I’m not just talking about their feathers. Every single one of these eggs is colored by the bird who laid it. No smelly vinegar, no stained fingers, and none of … Continue reading

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Tea Freezer Pops

My girls love to eat popsicles in the summertime (and also in March when the weather is unusually warm and sunny). They also like to “help” me in the kitchen, especially if there is dessert involved. I had a couple … Continue reading

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