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Incubation Printable

The hatching bug has bitten me again, and I’ll be setting a dozen eggs in the incubator tomorrow morning. I thought I’d make a chart to keep track of days, temperatures and turning the eggs. This process should take 21 … Continue reading

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The Simplest Things

When my Dad bought his house (over 4 years ago), there was a random assortment of junk in the basement and storage shed that came with it. One of the things he found was a set of 3 magnetic chalk … Continue reading

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Frog Counting

After our morning math session today, I decided that the Taterbug needed a change of pace with her addition and subtraction tables. So I looked around online for some fun worksheets. Didn’t find what I was looking for, but I … Continue reading

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A Day with The Taterbug

The Husband took Boodie to an auction yesterday, which left The Taterbug and me home alone for the first time in…a really long time. That made it the perfect day for some projects that are not easy to execute with … Continue reading

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The Office, part 1

Yep, the office is a mess too. It’s mostly because I’m a slob, but as with all things, the kids contribute. I certainly didn’t bring in the sippy cups, pink cowboygirl boots, toys, or the assortment of crumbs. I’ll totally … Continue reading

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