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New Life for an Old Lamp

Many weeks ago, I mentioned the sleep trouble that I suffer this time of year, and a kind woman named Nancy suggested that I look into SAD lights.  I decided to give it a try, but it took some time … Continue reading

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Re-Evaluating My Kitchen

Nearly a year ago, we installed a new set of cupboards along a section of the kitchen wall that used to be a big mess. I fully intended to write about the project, but got wrapped up in my craft … Continue reading

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2013 Daily Planner (free, of course)

While I have really enjoyed the pastels that I created last year, I thought it was time for something a little brighter and easier on the printer cartridges. The new daily planner page offers two page layout options, and since … Continue reading

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An (Imperfect) Organized Gift

Ever since The Taterbug received her beloved Caroline doll for her birthday, I’ve been pondering what to do with all of the little stuff that goes along with her. Between the little $5 princess dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, Moxie Girls and … Continue reading

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Caroline Dress

The Taterbug’s 7th birthday party was a couple of weeks ago, and more than anything else, she wanted an American Girl doll for her birthday. Several family members chipped in to buy the doll for her. Caroline comes with one … Continue reading

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