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A Small Detour

I’ve been working on decluttering and organizing my house lately, but today I made a small detour. The Taterbug’s chore chart had been living in my household management binder for several months now, and it just wasn’t working well. Every … Continue reading

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The Spice Cabinet

Update: I never did put organizers on the cabinet doors. What I did instead, was pick up some Rubbermaid turntables to use on the shelves. These turntables allow me to use the full depth of the shelves, while keeping everything … Continue reading

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Kitchen Reformat, Part 2

In my quest to make my pantry more usable, I moved all of the glass bakeware from the cabinet over the stove and into the pantry. This left me with an empty cabinet to fill up. I really hate that … Continue reading

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Asiago Cheese Dip

Every fall, my family drives through Spearfish Canyon to enjoy the fall leaves. Sometimes, it’s just The Husband, the kids and me, and other times, my sister and her family, my dad or my brother come along too. We usually … Continue reading

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Old Yeller

Yes, that would be me. I find myself yelling a lot these days. The Husband suffers from hearing loss, and the children suffer from selective hearing and Make-a-Mess-When-Mom-Isn’t-Looking Disorder. Ok, actually, they don’t seem to mind it. I am the … Continue reading

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