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Let It Rain!

Last year was so dry that we didn’t put up a single bale of hay. When the pond in our front yard dried up, my waterfowl were very perturbed. They spent a lot of time roaming the yard in search … Continue reading

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Chickens are Weird!

While I was standing at the kitchen sink, still in my pajamas at lunchtime (don’t judge) yesterday, The Husband came in and informed me that there was something outside that I just had to see. It was a bit chilly … Continue reading

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Pink Candlesticks

Since we’ve had a few days of sunny weather lately, I decided it was time to spiff up a pair of candlesticks that have been collecting cobwebs and dust for oh, several years now. I picked them up for $1 … Continue reading

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All the Noise, Noise, Noise!

I got a call from the post office this morning.  They said they had a noisy box waiting for me, so I told the girls to get their shoes and jackets on and get in the car.  Though they’ve been … Continue reading

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