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I spent a good bit of time scouring the internet in search of a plan for simple, cheap chicken coops. Not because there was anything wrong with the coop I already had (other than, if you become a chicken addict, … Continue reading

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From the Thrift Store

We made time during a recent trip to town to stop in at the Salvation Army. I knocked a few items off my “I’d like to have one, but I’m not paying new prices for it” list. Charging station for … Continue reading

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Dump Cake

I give fair warning: I’m about to share another completely not-from-scratch, not-health-food potluck dessert. I don’t generally care for canned fruit, or really, most fruits that haven’t been pureed and mixed with vanilla ice cream. Yes, that is a terrible … Continue reading

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Summer of Clean

I downloaded Dana White’s new e-book, “Teaching Kids to Clean” a couple of days ago, and read it in one sitting. Along with giving me some good tools (like a numbered picture of a toilet to remind kids what all … Continue reading

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A Bit of Depression (Glass)

I’ve had a mild case of Antique Pox since I was around 15 years old. Most of the time, it’s in remission, but occasionally, a trip to a thrift store will cause a mild flare-up. Fortunately, it’s a painless disease … Continue reading

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