Tea Freezer Pops

My girls love to eat popsicles in the summertime (and also in March when the weather is unusually warm and sunny). They also like to “help” me in the kitchen, especially if there is dessert involved.

I had a couple of children’s herbal teas on hand, so on Sunday, we made tea popsicles. They are as easy as can be to make (the only hard part is waiting for the freezer to do its thing) and contain only as much sugar as I choose to put in them.

We purchased some popsicle molds last summer, but you could just as easily use Dixie cups and craft sticks.

After steeping the tea (I like to make it weaker than if I were just going to drink it, and the girls don’t seem to mind), I stirred in a little raw sugar (could use Stevia, honey, agave, etc, or no sweetener at all) and poured the tea to the fill line on the molds. The handles popped right on and into the freezer they went.

After a few impatient hours of freezing, they were ready to enjoy.

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One Response to Tea Freezer Pops

  1. cluttercafe says:

    Love homemade popsicles! No HFCS or other crap!

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