I Hate it When I Do That.

Apparently, I need to write more detailed shopping lists.

I wanted a shoe organizer to hang on a door in our mudroom, so we could store seasonal things like gloves, hats, sunblock etc. in a handy, easy-to see spot. I had a perfectly good one hanging on the girls’ bedroom door, but in hopes of making it easier for them to put their shoes away (yes, I do live in a dream world), I cut it in half and hung the two halves in their closet. I wrote “shoe organizer”, on my shopping list, and when I found a nice pretty canvas one at Menard’s for $10, I bought it and crossed it off the list.

Can you guess what the problem was?

I don’t know any self-respecting child who would actually bother to search through a bunch of pockets that she can’t see into, in order to find two matching gloves to wear. If you live with such a child, please don’t tell me.

Only when I hung the thing on the door did I realize my mistake.

Now, I could have dwelt on yet another frustrating speed bump on the road to getting my housekeeping under control. See, I wanted to move the hats and gloves in order to use their baskets for sheets and other “put up high where the kids can’t see it” things in the girls’ closet, and I was planning to use the space the baskets vacated to hold (different) baskets full of folded laundry just waiting to be put away. This would lead to my dryer no longer being piled with clean laundry. I can hear you laughing.

These plans had to wait another week. In the meantime, I decided to be content with getting my shoes and scarves off the bedroom floor.

shoe pockets

Also, I need to figure out what I’m going to do about all of the hideous Silly-putty colored doors downstairs. I’ve been looking at them for about 6 years, and I think that’s quite long enough.

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