The Office, Mostly Done

I say “mostly” because eventually the two short bookshelves behind my desk are going to be replaced by a cute little school desk. But not until The Husband has time to build me some library shelves in the sun room.

Other than that, I’m done. You can see the “before” here.


As I sorted through the boxes (and threw out an incredible amount of old papers), I put the scattered office supplies into my desk drawers. I moved my label printers onto the shelves above the desk, and contained the labels and printer cartridges in the cute photo boxes that I picked up on sale at Michael’s. And then, I labelled them. But not until after I took pictures, and I didn’t feel like taking them all over again.


I brought in the nightstand that I purged from the girls’ room, and put the vertical paper file on top of it. No more layers of dirt on my papers and laminator sheets, I hope. I organized the envelopes of assorted labels, card stock and other paper in the vertical paper file where they belonged, and moved all of my bubble mailers into the drawers of the nightstand. Then, I took each and every book, binder, and magazine file off the bookshelves, and purged. While the shelves were empty, I wiped all the dust and cobwebs off.


I moved the reams of paper over to the file cabinet. There’s a cubby under the printer that is the perfect spot for them.


The desk was actually much quicker to deal with. All but one of the drawers was still organized from when I moved it into the office. It took less than 2 minutes to straighten that one out, and then I had to deal with the top of the desk. Even that was much less of a disaster than before I got the new desk.

The biggest problems there were pens, receipt books, my current business catalogs, and jewelry. The receipt books and catalogs were easy, I just filed them in a mail sorter on one corner of the desk. Loose papers went into a letter tray, and the pens went into a pair of decoupaged cans on the shelf above the desk.


The jewelry took just a bit longer to deal with. When I return home from wherever I’ve been, the first thing I do is head to my desk to check e-mail, and I invariably remove whatever jewelry I had on. This habit isn’t likely to change any time soon, so I decided to accommodate it. I put some Command hooks on the wall next to the desk. With any luck, I’ll see the jewelry and remember to put it away when I leave the office. If I don’t remember right away, at least it isn’t all over the desk.


I whittled the piles and boxes of papers down to a manageable stack, and will take time soon (I hate tax time, but it does give me a deadline to get this job finished) to file those papers. To do that, I will use a file crate so that I can do that not very fun job while I am watching TV with my family. Once the files are sorted and organized, I will put them into my file cabinet where they belong.


And everyone loves a good “before and after’ right?

IMG_1710 IMG_1794

IMG_1705 IMG_1798

IMG_1706 IMG_1776

I have a plan for preventing a return of the paper disaster (and wasting trees) in here. I am always finding interesting things to print from the internet. Recipes, worksheets, crochet patterns and other printables. Going forward, I am going to use my Pinterest boards to hang onto these things, and only print them off if I have time at that very moment to file them in the binder or folder where they belong. So much of the papers that I threw away were things that I printed off because they looked interesting, but I didn’t have make the time to deal with them right away. And that is how a paper pile is born.

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6 Responses to The Office, Mostly Done

  1. MrsOgg says:

    Wow, what a change! 🙂

  2. nonnyk says:

    Hello ….I am stopping by from Sew Many Ways. I love how your office turned out!! Looks great!!

    Take care,

  3. Betty @ Tea Cozie Cottage says:

    really enjoyed all the things you did and storage plans, you have a room that you will really enjoy now. Like the black too, enjoy your neat tidy organized room.

    • mel says:

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment! I really am enjoying the ability to quickly put my hands on whatever I need now.

  4. So much organization in one incredible space! And the before and afters photos tell such a great story. High fives to you, I am so impressed! You have been a busy gal and I really love your great use of space!


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