The Office, Part 2

I’ll bet you’re wondering where Part One is, aren’t you? Well, as I look back through my old posts, I did Part one back in December. Of 2010. Yes, that’s right. Two years ago.

I had great plans to get it all purged and organized. And then as so often happens, I didn’t finish the job. I don’t just recall if this was due to misplacing my camera (and then of course, I couldn’t finish if I couldn’t take photos to document my great accomplishment for this blog), or if I just lost interest once I could see the floor and desktop again. I can’t remember what I had for lunch two days ago, let alone what motivated me (or didn’t) two years ago.

So what got me in gear this time? Well, there is this organizing challenge that starts today, and since the last one that I participated in turned out so extremely well, I decided to do it again. It’s being hosted by several bloggers who I read on a regular basis, and it should be a lot of fun.

And then, before I got started this morning, I read a brand new e-book. It was totally worth the $3, and even though I got started an hour later than I’d planned, I am positive that I purged a lot more than I otherwise would have.

My side of the office, specifically my desk, has been a problem for me for years. Now, to be clear, my own personal self is the vast majority of the problem. I just don’t like putting things away. But. I am a lot more likely to do it anyhow if things actually have a place to be put. The fact is that my old desks (I made the same furniture mistake twice) had very little useful storage. They were strictly made for holding up a desktop computer system, and nothing else. The top of the desk would quickly become cluttered with an assortment of things that actually belonged in the office, and stuff that definitely did not. And that was in addition to all the papers that I tend to accumulate.

I do a lot more than surf the web at my desk. I design marketing materials for my small business. I create and print product and shipping labels. I print off recipes, worksheets and crochet patterns (and then I let them pile up on my desk until the paper clutter is totally out of control). I open mail. I drink a cup of tea each morning while I check my e-mail and favorite blogs. I’m a notary public and a car seat tech (not that I get a lot of calls for either). That all makes it sound like I’m insanely busy, but I’m not any busier than anybody else I know.

What it really means, is that I have an assortment of office stuff that I need to have on hand, and it all needs a home.

So, here are some glorious, out of focus pics of what my side of the office looked like this morning:

And here is the rest of the stuff that needed to be sorted through:

Do you see the cheap-o plastic shelving unit? It holds boxes of papers that I began sorting during part 1, 2 years ago, before I ran out of steam. It has been remarkably easy to ignore, because it wasn’t in my way, and obviously most of the papers in there are not anything that I desperately needed in the last two years.

If you want to see the “after” pictures, you’re just going to have to wait til tomorrow, or maybe Thursday. I’m not done yet, but I am making progress. In the meantime, could your office use a little attention?

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