Winter Windows

We don’t do a Christmas tree in our home, but my girls were begging for some sort of decoration for their room. I let them choose some unbreakable ornaments at the Family Dollar store ($3, I think), and picked up a roll of fishing line to hang them (around $6). I already had some glittery snowflakes that I bought last year (about $4 for 2 dozen).

I took down the heavy thermal curtains that we put up last spring, and replaced them with some pink organza. This time of year, I think it’s important to let in as much natural light as possible.

It was very simple to tie one end of the fishing line to the loop in the top of each ornament, then tie them at random lengths to the curtain rod. Removing the last remnants of the Care Bear window clings that I made for The Taterbug’s first birthday (she is now 7) was not nearly so easy.


When I finished their window, I decided there was no time like the present to do something about the dining room window. The pond is dry and everything is dead-looking, so the view outside is pretty dreary.

It made for a nice complement to my big bowl of vintage (and a few new) ornaments. If you guessed that they were my grandmother’s, you’d be right.


Of course, once the window was dressed, the door and the light fixture looked bare, so something had to be done.


The wreath was probably the quickest and easiest of all. The pearl and faceted picks were just poked into a simple twig wreath, and the bow was tied in place with twist ties. The glittered balls and snowflakes are just nestled among the twigs.

The snowflakes and little bit of sparkle will do nicely until we see some real snow around here.

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  1. That pink looks great!!! Great taste!!

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