Caroline Dress

The Taterbug’s 7th birthday party was a couple of weeks ago, and more than anything else, she wanted an American Girl doll for her birthday. Several family members chipped in to buy the doll for her. Caroline comes with one Regency-style gown (I’ve trained her well), but I knew that she’d be wanting more dresses soon. The official clothing for these dolls costs more than I would spend on a dress for The Taterbug, so I checked Ravelry and Crochet Pattern Central for a dress that I could crochet for her. I found two candidates, and since it is November, I chose the long-sleeved one to make. I will save the short-sleeve pattern for another time.

The pattern calls for a size F hook, but though I have more hooks than any one person needs, I could not find a size F anywhere, so grabbed a size G and got to work. I quickly concluded that this dress was going to be wider than I wanted with the larger hook, so I put in a couple of decreases as I got to the top of the skirt. As I worked, I decided that I wanted a piece of satin ribbon for the drawstring at the waist rather than a crocheted drawstring. I also decided to work the collar in a lighter color, and add a simple scalloped ruffle at the hem.


I would absolutely make this dress again, but I believe that I will crochet the sleeves in the round rather than flat to avoid sewing a seam later.

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