The Simplest Things

When my Dad bought his house (over 4 years ago), there was a random assortment of junk in the basement and storage shed that came with it. One of the things he found was a set of 3 magnetic chalk boards that the previous owner had salvaged from a grocery store remodel. He sent the chalk boards home with me because he knew we were planning to homeschool The Taterbug, and he figured we could make use of them.

This evening, The Taterbug asked her dad to hang one up so she and Boodie could use it. He used two short lightweight pieces of chain (that I bought for a different project, and there will be plenty left for that project, whenever I get around to it) to suspend the board. The chain hangs from the track that we hung just below the lowest photo ledge in our dining room. The track is intended to anchor closet shelves, but we installed it with the intention of using it to display posters and schoolwork.

This procedure took all of 5 minutes, yet we’ve been ignoring it for years. It resulted in one less bit of clutter laying around, and two very happy children.

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One Response to The Simplest Things

  1. Love it! The girls looks so happy. We miss those beautiful faces!

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