Grandma’s Dishes

For as far back as I can remember, my grandmother had a set of ironstone dishes that she always used for family dinners. She picked the set out, and my aunt bought them for her many years ago. When it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to move into an apartment in my aunt’s home, I was given those dishes. My aunt had her own set of china, and I loved Grandma’s set. The pattern is Johnson Brothers “Heritage Hall”. I love the etched look, and the predominantly grey/brown color scheme goes beautifully with both of my sets of depression glass. Each piece features a different architectural style.

Since I had them out of the cabinet to wash in preparation for turkey day, I thought I’d share some photos.

I’ve hosted a couple of tea parties, and a few family dinners using the set, and we’ve enjoyed a few Sabbath meals (when I have my act together) on Grandma’s dishes too.

I love the detail on the inside of the cups.

The back side of the larger pieces has an explanation of the architectural style depicted on the front.

What dishes do you use for family gatherings?

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