Frog Counting

After our morning math session today, I decided that the Taterbug needed a change of pace with her addition and subtraction tables. So I looked around online for some fun worksheets. Didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did come up with an idea to make practice fun for her. I can also use it to reinforce number recognition and teach skip counting with Boodie.

I printed off the frogs from, and glued them on to craft sticks. I couldn’t find a lily pad template that I liked, so I used a soup can, scrapbook paper and a marker to make lily pads. Then I made a printable template so you won’t have to do that (unless you want to). The lily pads are numbered from 1-20, and then from 25-100 by fives. There is a color version, and a black & white version.


Black & White

What to do with them:

-Laminate the lily pads so they’ll last

-Lay them out in order (or glue them into a file folder) and make the frog hop to each number as you count.

-Ask the child to put the frog on each number as you call it out.

-Tape them to the wall and make the frog hop as you do skip counting.

-Use the lily pads like a number line to practice addition and subtraction facts.

What else can you think of?

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