Sweater Bins

I have a very long overdue product review to share. Back in late March, I won, among other prizes, a set of three Sweater Bins as part of the OrgJunkie 29-Day Organizing Challenge.

I’ve been using them faithfully ever since my wonderful UPS driver delivered them, but not for sweaters. I don’t actually own very many sweaters because most synthetic yarns irritate my skin, and most natural fibers are not in my budget. I do own a lot of sheet sets, however. For several years they were a messy pile on a shelf, except for when they would occasionally avalanche off the shelf.

The bins went together without any fuss at all, and they were a perfect fit in my closet. They came with a set of printed labels, but since the sheets were all the same size, and I can clearly see what color they are, I didn’t use them.

I have to say, it was not easy to take a photo of them in my closet. There’s no natural light, and the location of the ceiling fixture was really inconvenient. You’ll also no doubt note that I am a sheet-folding school dropout. Fortunately, I do have other talents.

I like that they allow air to circulate, and I love that their shape discourages piling stuff on top of them. They keep the sheets contained, and since I can find them all, I can’t “forget” what I already have and go buy more. I think The Husband loves them just for that, because otherwise, I’m sure he couldn’t care less.

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2 Responses to Sweater Bins

  1. Wendy says:

    You should ask your sister for lessons on how to fold sheets. I hear she’s a genius. 😉

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