Magazine Rack Makeover

We finished out the Homeschool year in May, and then dabbled over the summer. A little Reading Eggs here, a little Happy Scientist there, and occasionally a bit of penmanship or math workbook when The Taterbug made the mistake of telling me that she was bored. We even read Farmer Boy aloud on the occasional evening.

In fact, most of the dabbling took place in the afternoons when it was miserably hot outside, or in the evenings after bath time. Since the basement is naturally cool, that’s where we usually headed for anything that didn’t require the computer. Somehow, a book pile developed next to my recliner in the TV room.

When I found a magazine rack while thrifting several weeks ago, I knew right away that I wouldn’t be using it for magazines.

The Husband was nice enough to clean out the garden shed so that I can use it for a spray painting booth (it’s still used as a garden shed too, but now the floor isn’t piled up with non-gardening junk). I’ll be sharing some other projects now that the County Fair is over, but this post is about the magazine rack.

I did not love the original pecan finish, and it was looking pretty tired, so I primed it and sprayed it white. I had to leave the door open in order to control the paint fumes, so one eye was always on the lookout for curious chickens and ducks.


Once the paint had cured, I brought it back in to the house and weeded through the pile of books by the recliner. Many of them needed to go back on the shelf because we were done with them, or are not yet ready for them. The ones that are actively being used went into their new home.


It is important to note here that this isn’t all of the books that we use for homeschooling. This is simply the stuff that either requires me to read aloud, or that The Taterbug can do on her own, without the computer, manipulatives, or other resources.

What are you working on to prepare for the new school year?

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