I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks. I could claim that I’ve been busy, and that wouldn’t be a total lie. In reality though, I’ve just had a case of the Don’t-Wannas. Aside from the most basic of household chores (laundry, wiping down bathrooms and kitchen, occasional sweeping and mopping) I’ve been holing up and pretending like it hasn’t been well over 90 nearly every. single. day. for well over a month.

I’ve got a painted desk project in the works, and a couple of other pieces that I haven’t even started on. I have a garden that needs weeded (what else is new?), several crochet projects on hold, more project ideas swimming around in my head, the County Fair and craft show in mid-August, the beginning of the Homeschool Year looming in late August, and planning for Sukkot in October.

Instead of doing any of those things, I remembered that I needed to see if the chokecherries were ripe yet. When I looked at the tree/bush next to the completely dry pond, I was not optimistic. There was one not-quite-ripe chokecherry on the entire thing. I figured that I had missed my chance to harvest this year. Hoping maybe there was still a chance for the wild plums, The Husband and the kids and I piled into the pickup and headed out to the pasture to have a look. We took along some buckets, but didn’t really expect to fill them.

Boy were we wrong.

It was hot, but fortunately there was a nice breeze blowing. All told, we picked about five gallons of chokecherries. We’d probably have picked more, but we were tired of being hot, and thought maybe we should quit while the kids still thought this was a fun activity. Plus, I had never made anything with chokecherries before, so thought maybe I’d better not get too carried away.

Stay tuned for what I did with the chokecherries. In the meantime, here’s a gratuitous duck* picture:

*In case you’re wondering, I’ve misplaced the camera. Again.

Maybe I’ll find it in time to take pics of some currants that The Husband and the kids harvested the next day. Or something.

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