Summer Car Kit

I think that by now, we have established that I am not a naturally organized person. Whenever we make a trip to town, I am sure to forget my phone, my shopping list, sunblock (if we’re planning on spending the day outdoors) or snacks for children who have the “Mommy I’m hungry” whine down to a science.

Between getting myself ready, getting 2 kids ready, the phone ringing (it always seems to ring when we’re rushing out the door) and trying to gather up the stuff that I need to bring, lend or return, I just can’t keep track of it all. This lack of organization generally causes a bad case of Crabby Mom Syndrome before we even get out of the driveway. I hate starting the day off like that.

I’ve finally done something about this particular problem. I began by making a list of the things that we need to take in the car (yes, I know it’s really a big, tough, 4-door, 4-wheel drive diesel pickup, but I can’t seem to break the habit of saying “car”).

Then I pulled out a damask Utility Tote that I purchased for this purpose…a few months ago, and began adding those items to it:

* Water bottles
* Hand sanitizer wipes
* Granola bars
* Umbrella (not that we’ve needed one this year)
* Blankets (The Husband likes to freeze us out, even in July)
* Sunblock
* DVDs
* Change of clothes for each child
* Readers for The Taterbug
* Mesh bag (for cleaning clutter out of the pickup when we get home)
* Children’s acetaminophen
* Laundry stain wipes
* Hair scrunchy

These are all things that are handy to take along, but for various reasons are not stored in the pickup. When winter rolls around, I’ll swap the sunblock and umbrella for hats and hand warmers. I’ll show the things we keep in the pickup at all times one of these days when it isn’t July. Or January.

By organizing a bag for the family “stuff we need to take in the car”, I’m making room in my brain to keep track of the much smaller list of “stuff I need to to take”.

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