From the Thrift Store

We made time during a recent trip to town to stop in at the Salvation Army. I knocked a few items off my “I’d like to have one, but I’m not paying new prices for it” list.

Charging station for The Husband’s desk: $2 Here’s to hoping it will create a boundary for all the cords and gadgets.

Walnut nut bowl: $3 The Husband brought home a set of the tools for it several weeks back, now they will have a home. I love walnut (The wood, not the nuts. Those things are not food).

Embroidered pillowcases (brand new!) for the guest bed: $4 Somebody put a lot of time into these. Certainly worth more than $4. It’s too bad people don’t appreciate hand work any more.

Little Critter books: beats me, but I’m sure they were under a dollar (sorry, no pics of those, they disappeared into the book disaster collection as soon as we got home.

Still no chair for my craft closet. Better luck next time.

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