My New Favorite Garden Tool

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m cheap. Sometimes, that trait serves me well, and other times, it’s just a big pain.

For example: For several years, I could not bring myself to spend the money for a galvanized watering can. I tried, but I just couldn’t do it. And almost every year, I wound up buying a new cheap plastic one because the old one would get brittle and crack from being left out in the sun, or the plastic sprinkler spout would get lost. I could have bought a sturdy, one-time purchase watering can for what I’ve wasted on cheap plastic ones over the years. So this year, I finally did what I should have done to start with. I bought a galvanized watering can.

Last year, this watering can was bright red. Note the crack in the spout.

Galvanized, perfectly balanced, and barley weighs more than the plastic one.

It gets better though. I’ve had my eye on a garden cultivator for a couple of years. I really wanted one, but I did not want to spend the money for it. When I finally talked myself into buying one last summer, they were out of stock for the season. I don’t need to tell you that the weeds got away from me, do I?
So, I did it again. I bit the bullet and spent the whopping $19 (you thought it was going to be a big-ticket item with the amount of waffling I did, didn’t you?) and brought it home.

garden cultivator

In action. Kinda.

I love it! It is almost effortless to loosen up the soil in my flower beds (though I do not entertain any delusions about this being a sod-busting tool). Much easier on my knees than crawling around with a hand cultivator, and easier on my back than a shovel or potato fork. Bonus: It winds up bindweed like spaghetti on a fork and makes it so much easier to pull up. It also twists the small, excess hollyhocks right out of the ground.

After on the left side, before on the right side. Progress, not perfection.

There are a few additional things I love about it:

*It requires no electricity or fuel which means that it is perfect for my careless ways. I don’t have to remember to empty the fuel tank at the end of the season, or put away an extension cord, or try to remember what I did with the extension cord…

*It doesn’t require me to wait around for The Husband to tinker with the rototiller (when I actually feel motivated to get something done, I Just. Can’t. Stand. waiting on someone else to get to work.)

*I won’t have to worry about The Husband destroying my flowers (the man seriously can’t tell the difference between bindweed and Clematis, and a rototiller is not a precision gardening instrument) or the asparagus bed (he forgot I planted anything in that spot, and mowed right over the top of it) because the weeds got out of hand.

I am more than a little disgusted that I didn’t buy this thing sooner. I could have saved myself a whole lot more than $19 in blisters, lost crops and time. But I think I’ll just enjoy the new hope for my garden rather than dwell on that.

What is your favorite tool in the garden?

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One Response to My New Favorite Garden Tool

  1. Peonies look nice!!! bet you are gonna get some little helpers with the rest of the garden!!!

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