A Needlework Kit for The Taterbug

I found a cute cookie tin at a thrift store a few weeks ago. I had several ideas in mind for it, but after our “Mom and Me” day last week, I decided to use it to hold a needlework kit for The Taterbug. Yes, she is only 6, but she is already trying to learn how to crochet, so I figure it’s only a matter of time before she wants to try making doll clothes or a quilt block (just like Laura).

The cookie tin had a matte finish, so my first step was to spray a couple of coats of clear lacquer on it to protect the paint. After it was dry, I rounded up some yarn and fabric. I cut some cute shapes from felt so that she can learn hand sewing using a large needle and thick thread. I drew some dotted lines to serve as a stitching guide for her. I also cut some squares of white fabric (again from the thrift store, it feels just like flour sack towels) so that she will be able to practice with real fabric and needles. I used those to line the bottom of the tin, and then added the felt shapes and the yarns. I chose a thick yarn for learning with, and a worsted weight acrylic for practicing.

I had picked up a beginner sewing kit for $2 at a thrift store about a month ago, and though some of the items (tracing paper, adult-sized fabric scissors) weren’t ideal for a child, a lot of it was perfect. I replaced the adult sized scissors with a child-sized pair, added a yarn needle, and chose a large plastic crochet hook and a smaller metal one to go with the yarns.

Then I carefully arranged the notions in the bottom of the tin. Of course, I realize they won’t stay that way, but when she opens it for the first time, she’ll be able to see everything.

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