A Day with The Taterbug

The Husband took Boodie to an auction yesterday, which left The Taterbug and me home alone for the first time in…a really long time. That made it the perfect day for some projects that are not easy to execute with an almost-4 year-old under foot.

First, I drug out the rock tumbler that I bought several months ago. It doesn’t get fantastic reviews, but we’ll see how it goes.

The Taterbug is fascinated with rocks, gems, and crystals. I read to her about the different types of rock, how they are formed, and what we use them for. She likes to be read to, so we read about minerals and gemstones, too.

When my brother and sister-in-law came out for a visit last fall, we spent some time at the river collecting rocks (and dodging the most impressive crop of cockle burrs that I’ve ever seen). We selected a couple of her favorites from that day, and added them to the ones that came with the tumbler. Of course, she had to weigh them first, to make sure that they weren’t too heavy.

That last photo is her showing off the crystal that she earned when she finished her A Beka reader.

I asked her to write down each step as she did it (cleverly disguised writing practice), so she will have a nice little project journal (complete with the photos that I took) once the rocks are done. I’ll report back in about 4 weeks. Or, you know, whenever I get around to it.

We seem to be having a broody epidemic lately, so we made several trips out to the chicken coop to collect eggs. It beats me why The Taterbug can take an egg out from under a broody hen with impunity, but I get pecked and growled at.

We watched Emma in between trips to the coop, and The Taterbug read to me about princesses. Then I read several chapters of “Farmer Boy” to her. We also candled the Silkie eggs in the incubator. I usually try to do this when the children are occupied with something else, so this was The Taterbug’s first time candling. She is very excited to get a Silkie hen out of these eggs. Only two more weeks of waiting.

Somewhere in all of that, I found time to give her a crochet lesson, too. She asked to learn about a year ago, but it didn’t go very well. She just wasn’t ready, though she wanted so badly to learn. This time went better, and I think that if we do a few short lessons over the course of a couple of weeks, she’ll be off and running.

It was a wonderful day. There was snuggling, and serious talking, and answering questions, and joking, and laughing. Not once in the entire day, did I hear whining, crying, screeching, fighting or tattling.

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One Response to A Day with The Taterbug

  1. mary says:

    You are such a cool Mom. I’m willing to bet that Morgan will keep this day in her heart forever. : )

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