If it doesn’t move…Paint It!

I’ve been on a furniture painting kick lately. I’m pretty sure that Pinterest made me do it.

The first piece of furniture that I painted was a little night stand for my girls. The poor thing had been stained a vile orange color, so it was either paint it or donate it. Since Boodie likes to draw on stuff anyhow, I painted the sides and top with blackboard paint, and decided to make the drawer fronts pink.



My next victim was a paper file that The Husband picked up at an auction. He probably had plans for it, but I convinced him that it would really help with the paper clutter in the office, so he let me have it. It too was stained an ugly color, but a couple of coats of black paint made it perfect for the office, and at a fraction of the cost of new.

Before: Yeah, right! Of course I forgot to take a before picture.


I have never been a fan of white walls (growing up in military housing will do that for you), but I do love the look of white moldings, white beadboard paneling, and white furniture.

When The Husband cleaned out his music room (with absolutely no prodding from me) he evicted a really cute little table. I had been secretly coveting that little table for years, but since he was using it to hold some sort of guitar-related electronics, it had slipped my mind that it even existed. When I saw it sitting in the “donate” area, I pounced. I knew it would be perfect for my freshly cleaned and organized craft/guest room.

I’m pretty sure it is oak, but since somebody in the past had painted it dark brown, I decided it wouldn’t be a crime against antiquity to paint it white. I was in too much of a hurry to get a before pic of this one (shocking, isn’t it?), but I love how it turned out.


Since the table wasn’t a total disaster, I turned my attention to the small wardrobe and washstand that moved out of my kitchen when we installed some cabinets and countertop (that’s a post for another day).

When I bought them (unfinished, RTA) I sprayed clear urethane on them because I liked the pale pine color. Over the last ten years the finish had yellowed, and they were looking a bit sad and worn. I decided it was time to finally paint them. The tiny crevices required the use of a paint brush, but it was worth it.



They were too small for my needs in the kitchen, but were perfect for holding homeschool materials in the sunroom, and towels, cleaning supplies and extra TP in the downstairs bathroom. Yes, I did misplace the knobs for the washstand. Wonder where they’ll turn up?

My next project is a desk that I found at the Goodwill for $35. That one is going to be more complicated than any of the other furniture that I’ve re-painted, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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One Response to If it doesn’t move…Paint It!

  1. Jodie says:

    You’ve been really busy. Paint makes all the difference. They look so good.

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