The best part about spring is all of the baby critters that start appearing everywhere.

I’ve got two cute black Dexter calves on the ground. One is a bull calf, the other, I don’t know for, Miss Maddie keeps herding the baby away so I can’t get a close look. I’m leaning toward heifer. Fingers crossed.

In spite of my terrible chicken addiction (which I thoroughly enjoy) I have resisted the temptation to bring home any very many baby chicks from the feed store this year. We picked up 6 Buff Orpington pullets about 5-ish weeks ago, but I resisted buying more Cayuga ducklings last week (my drake was lost to a predator while we were in Texas last August) because I didn’t think that I could fit a separate brooder for the messy little buggers into the coop right now. I noticed that the husband was leaning a bit closer to encouraging rather than discouraging their purchase though. Maybe my disease is contagious.

I did succumb to the lure of hatching eggs, and set them in the incubator 4 weeks ago. One hatched early (could not figure out what that noise at 2 am was) and I now have 6 chicks out of 12 eggs that I set. That’s a pretty awesome hatch rate for eggs that traveled by US mail from Georgia to South Dakota.

I’ve been trying to talk myself out of ordering some Silkie eggs for The Taterbug. I can’t decide if those things are cute or just plain weird, but I know that she’d cherish them, and they are reputed to make great mother hens.

On Tuesday evening, I lost the battle.

Eggs should arrive early next week.

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