Photo Ledges

I have wanted to make a Rogue’s Gallery, aka family picture wall, in my dining room for, oh, several years now. Unfortunately, I had a husband who is allergic to putting holes in the walls (well, I still have him), pictures buried in a pile in my craft room, frames hiding in a box (also in the craft room), and zero enthusiasm for the project.

While browsing around on Pinterest, I came across the idea of installing narrow shelves and using them to arrange (and rearrange) pictures. I found a tutorial, and then convinced The Husband that this would be a great Honey-Do project. He did the building, I did the painting (and also the supervising).

We decided to go with 1×4’s and 1×3’s which is not the same dimensions that the tutorial called for, but since I didn’t write down that important bit of information before our trip to town, we just had to wing it. Or else wait at least another week to start the project (and we know how I hate doing that).

The photos that I planned to display were all family, going back several generations. I wanted to give the impression of a family tree, so I hung this leafy candle sconce (that was too small for the bathroom) in the center of the shelves. It comes in handy when the power goes out too.

I lucked out and found 3 smaller sconces that matched it while out thrifting several weeks later. I like them a lot better than the ones that used to hang on either side of the window.

I didn’t love the open ends of the shelves, but wasn’t sure what to do about them.
I found these cute little L-shaped gingerbread pieces while picking up yet another piece of door trim for the girls’ closet (The Husband has a little trouble with cutting angles):


A coat of primer, 2 coats of paint, and a little bit of glue, and now I can live with the ends of the shelves. Well, once I pick up 4 more, because the store didn’t have quite enough on the shelf.

Hmmm. I think I may have to pick up another piece of crown molding for the top of the wall too.

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4 Responses to Photo Ledges

  1. Cathy Tomm says:

    That looks so good. My mom has done this for her many photos. Mom’s is all brown wood but your white is nice a clean and bright looking.

  2. Toodie says:

    What a great look. I don’t have a lot of wall for hanging pictures and when I do they look so sloppy and bulky. I think this would make a world of difference. Thanks for sharing!

  3. fredab says:

    This is a wonderful idea and you did a great job. I am passing this along to my daughter for her rec room and games boards, etc.



  4. karriejo says:

    Love this idea!

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