Light in the Closet

I knew when we decided to turn the spare room closet into a crafting and sewing space, that I’d need some additional light in there. I also knew that The Husband would not be excited about having to do electrical work. I wasn’t excited about the prospect either.

While out thrifting, I came across an old ’70s hanging lamp sitting on a shelf. I looked past the brassy chain and fittings, and the gold-tone electric cord, and imagined what I could do with some spray paint and fabric.

Once I got the lamp home and took it apart, I discovered that the clear glass had once been painted green. I was offered a very similar lamp a few months ago (could have even been the same lamp), but turned it down because I assumed that green was the natural color of the glass. I’ll know better in the future.

With a few coats of white gloss spray paint on the decorative hardware, it became a thing of beauty.


IHeart Organizing

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3 Responses to Light in the Closet

  1. I think it turned out lovely. Great idea to spray paint it. And glad the electrical worked out. I wouldn’t have let my husband within a ten foot radius of wiring. Your husband must be much more handy! haha

  2. Oooh, that light has so much character, I am in love!

    Thank you for linking up and sharing!

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