29-Day Organizing Challenge-Week 3

Last week, I started to see some real organizing progress in the craft room. I dealt with the fabric and the yarn, I sorted out the kids’ craft and homeschooling supplies, made a home for the beads and wrapping supplies, and completed a couple of other projects for the room.

This week, I started off with some “make a home for it” projects. I bought a 2’x4′ sheet of pegboard, and spray painted it pink…at least six months ago. I finally asked The Husband to trim it down for me and install it in the cloffice. Then I set to work hanging up scissors, thread, pliers and assorted other tools that I tend to misplace while I’m crafting. I concluded that I needed some containers for some of the “stuff” so I took the time to do a project, and I cleaned up the mess when I was done. I don’t know what got into me.

After that, I asked The Husband to modify the second pantry door organizer that I picked up at the Salvation Army. He cut out the bottom of the top two shelves, and hung it behind the door, next to the ironing board. Now my wrapping paper has a home that doesn’t take up floor space, and it doesn’t matter how long the roll is. The silly wrapping paper “organizer” is now home to packing peanuts.

I debated with myself a lot about just where to put my packaged tea inventory. I really didn’t want to fill up any more floor space, but I also didn’t want to put up more shelves. Finally, I settled on putting it under the desktop in the cloffice. I may change my mind later, but that’s my solution for now:

Then Saturday evening struck. I invited some neighbors over to have cake and ice cream for The Husband’s birthday. When I got off the phone, I took a good look around and realized that we had to have a place to sit and eat the cake and ice cream. So guess where all of the dining room and kitchen clutter went? Yeah.

Sunday afternoon, I decided I’d better attack that mess while it was still fresh, and not yet a permanent part of the landscape. Didn’t I just do this same thing last week? One of these days, I’m going to learn that handling a mess twice is a ridiculous waste of time.

I didn’t accomplish much on Monday, and I spent most of Tuesday helping to paint the set for a local play. Wednesday I had a terrible case of the “don’t-wannas” but I reminded myself that I’d better have some progress to report on Friday, so I dove in anyhow.

I took the scrapbook papers to the office. I have a project in the works to keep the paper organized, but that’s a post for another day.

I sorted through the remaining picture frames, and added a bunch of them to the donate box. The keepers either had photos in them, in which case I put them on the photo ledges (also a post for another day) or are part of an unfinished project. Those I stacked neatly into a bin until I can make time to deal with them.

Next, I cleared off the top of the wash stand. Most of the stuff either went into canvas cubes, or into some bins that will be stored under the bed. Between the cubes and some photo albums that I’ve been procrastinating on, the empty top shelf in the closet didn’t stay empty very long. Oh well.

Of course, I couldn’t leave the top of the washstand empty for long either. I decided it would be the perfect place for the Cricut machine. That was a big relief, because I have been trying for weeks to figure out how I could possibly fit it into my office. Then, I asked The Husband to install a cafe rod under the rack that holds the gift cards and ribbons. I’ll be able to use it to dispense wrapping paper, ribbon or bubble wrap.

I didn’t make it to the thrift stores this week, so no progress on finding a chair for the closet. I did have a flash of inspiration though. I’ve been envying all the people who have nice double doors on their closets. I have fake oak bi-fold doors on mine. I was all set to remove the doors because they took up too much of the doorway when open, making me feel claustrophobic. Then I realized that I could just pull the slider off the track and screw a couple of metal plates across the two sections of each door. This should create two swing-out closet doors, plus a bunch of extra vertical storage space.

No “after” pics, because I need to get some metal plates. I’ll also need to figure out what I want to store on the doors, and how I will organize them.

The agenda for the coming week:
-Finish up the closet doors
-Find a comfortable chair for the closet
-Put the bed together
-Store plastic boxes under the bed
-Install a light in the closet
-Do a bit of painting
-Finish up some labeling
-Maybe track down some curtains that I am willing to pay for

Just for fun, here’s all of the yarn that will be leaving my house very soon:

The Beginning
More Progress

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9 Responses to 29-Day Organizing Challenge-Week 3

  1. Wow! I’m impressed with how much progress you’ve made over the last three weeks! Great work! I look forward to seeing the finished product next week. Thanks for stopping by our blog today!

  2. Mel, this is looking great! I love all the innovative ideas you’re having…the peg board, modified pantry rack, rod for gift wrap on the wall. Love it!! And I had to laugh at the “cloffice”. I love it! I need to come up with a term like that for my small laundry room/big closet. 🙂 You’re doing a great job!

  3. Alana says:

    Wonderful solutions to some of your problems! Just a ord about those closet doors, my mom did something similiar to her bifolds and they never actually close satisfactorily. She just used a scrunchy over the door handles to keep them closed–so, not a big deal– just a heads up on that.Looking forward to the big reveal.

    • Thanks for the heads up! There for a second, I was afraid you were going to tell me that the doors warped or fell off the wall. I’ll have to give some thought to keeping them closed.

  4. marishannon says:

    How funny! I just bought a peg board yesterday for the same purpose and am using a pantry organizer in my craft room for my wrapping supplies.

  5. Kim says:

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!! I painted my peg board black, but heck I sure Love your pink. You have just done wonderful. I Love everything you have done so far. Hopefully tomorrow sometime I can get my pictures up.

  6. hsmominmo says:

    A pegboard for my sewing area is my to-do list as well! I do love your pink, but I have to opt for something neutral, since it’s open the rest of the family game room space. Thanks for the inspiration and confirmation that this is what I need/want to do. Wonderful space you are creating!

  7. I love the pink peg board. I hope I can add one to my craft area. I would have never thought to paint it a different color. Good work!

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