Pegboard Containers

I turned my attention to the cloffice-in-progress this week, and decided to make some containers that could be used on the pegboard wall. I’ve got a decent collection of scrapbook papers (I just can’t resist pretty things) and thought they would be a fast, easy way to dress up some soup cans (of which I also have a decent collection).

I asked The Husband to drill a hole in the top edge of the cans so they could be hung on the pegboard. Then I wrapped a piece of scrapbook paper around a can and marked the cuts that I would need to make with my thumbnail. Very precise stuff. I used my paper cutter to cut the paper down to fit the cans, and double-checked to make sure it fit.

Then I got out the bottle of Mod Podge and a paint brush. It was quick work to brush the glue onto the back of the paper and roll the can onto it as I went. Once the paper was stuck down all the way around the can, I brushed a coat of Mod Podge over the top and allowed it to dry.

I looked at the cans and decided they needed a little something more. Good thing I save ribbon too.

Total time invested: About half an hour. I spent more time choosing paper and waiting for the Mod Podge to dry than actually cutting and gluing. I think these four look lonely though. I may have to make more!

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7 Responses to Pegboard Containers

  1. Love your soup cans! Such pretty paper that matches well with the pink

    I also did this a while back but I had no patience waiting for drying time so now I just sellotape the two edges of the paper šŸ™‚

  2. cluttercafe says:

    very clever. love the idea. that may work for my kids new area (if they actually ever get a new area). lol

  3. m3isme says:

    Wonderful! I already have a peg board…now I just need some cans!

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  5. Great idea putting the cans on a peg board. Wish I had one (or even the space for one)!

  6. I adore the peg board and think those cans turned out super great!

    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing!


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