29 Day Organizing Challenge, Week 2

So this week, my plan was to containerize all of the items that I decided to keep. The plan got derailed for a couple of days due to the arrival of my new kitchen cabinets (yay for additional kitchen storage! boo for really bad timing). I had to move a bunch of food staples into the craft room to get them out of the way while we installed the cupboards. I lost no time dragging it all back to the kitchen ASAP. On the bright side, I found myself decluttering in the kitchen as I found homes for everything.

Back to containerizing the craft room.

I took photos of each project as it was completed. Lest you think this is because I’m some sort of compulsive organizer (as if anyone would think that!), let me hasten to assure you: It’s because I know that I’ll need to refer back to my blog posts to figure out what I did with things that I can’t find.

Once the sewing cabinet was out of the corner, I was able to move in my refurbished highboy dresser from the dining room. That gave me a place to store my yarn stash, which had pretty well taken over the closet. It also gave me a boundary for the yarn. I only kept what fit in/on the dresser (and of course, my works-in-progress). This dresser just happens to match the bed that will be moving in soon.


I weeded out 1 bag of acrylic yarn to donate, and an equal amount of wool yarn to sell/gift. I’ve mailed out 2 boxes so far.

Several months back, I took the time to fold all of my fabric onto mini-bolts and arrange it neatly on the top shelf in my “cloffice”. You can sort of see it in this not-very-good photo:

As I sorted through the disaster, I discovered more fabric hidden away. Fortunately, I had a lot of mini-bolts left, so I just folded up what I wanted to keep. I filled a shopping bag with fabric to donate for charity quilts, and a box of specialty fabric to list for sale online. Then I decided that I needed the fabric to be a little closer to the sewing machine, so I moved it all down a shelf.


Do you see that completely empty top shelf? I don’t know what will go up there yet, but I’m enjoying that empty space for now.

I took out 2 more bags of trash (a lot of that was unnecessary packaging and shopping bags, not just random garbage) which brings the total up to 8 trash bags. I also took out 2 boxes of fun foam craft kits, beads, picture frames and random other junk to donate. I was able to purge more stuff while I was containerizing than when I initially sorted through everything. Funny how that works!

I thrifted a set of pantry door racks for $8, and used one to contain my gift bags, cards, and ribbon. I had The Husband install it over the wrapping station (aka really old washstand that desperately needs to be refinished).

Then I dealt with the drawers in the sad little washstand. They were kinda, sorta organized before, but I decided that I needed the top two drawers for wrapping and mailing supplies. The little shoe boxes will have to find a different home. I did not get a “before” shot, but here’s the After:

I really didn’t want to share what the top still looks like (notice how I left that out in the shot of the rack?) but in the interest of being honest, here it is:

It looks bad, but really, it’s the worst mess left to deal with in this room, and that’s pretty awesome in my book.

Next week, I plan to deal with the wrapping paper, make a run to the thrift store (both to unload all of the stuff that I’ve weeded out, and maybe to find a suitable chair for the cloffice), haul the guest bed down from the attic, take photos and list the items that I plan to sell, and put all of the small totes into their new home. I also need to make a decision about where to store my packaged inventory. The Husband has hinted that he’s tired of tripping over it in the dining room.

The Beginning
Week 1

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6 Responses to 29 Day Organizing Challenge, Week 2

  1. Wow! That’s amazing progress! That highboy is really beautiful, too. You are inspiring.

  2. Great job! Your fabric looks great. I’ve got to work on mine not looking like just a pile of fabric slapped on the shelf. I can’t wait to see your space finished.

  3. cluttercafe says:

    You rock girl! Guess what, I didn’t even touch my office this week as all my plans for my new desk and paint and everything else got put off. I am still working on electronically organizing my bills. They are outta control! I guess I haven’t put a 100% effort into it. Life has kind of gotten in the way lately. I best pull it together. I’m proud of you! Keep it up!

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