29 Day Organizing Challenge, Week 1

If you recall, this is how my craft room looked a week ago:

My plan of attack was to start with my business inventory because that had a looming deadline, and then deal with the bookshelf. Once I got inventory done, I decided to go ahead and sort it neatly back into some banker’s boxes that I bought on clearance at Target. Then I stacked it all back neatly onto the wire shelves where it belongs. I labelled the boxes so that I’d know what was in them.



Eventually, I will get the rest of the teas into canning jars and labelled, which will give the whole thing a more uniform, uncluttered look.

It took me the better part of two days to get through the inventory process, but I did figure out some ways to help make it go faster next year.

On the third day, I decided to deal with the bookshelf. It used to hold my inventory, but it just wasn’t big enough for that job, so it became just another place to dump junk. I removed all of the papers, photo albums and clutter, and hauled the bookshelf to its new home in the sun room. Then I gathered up all of the books I could find in the mess, sorted out the ones to donate, and hauled the rest to the sun room. I even managed to put them on the shelf!

Once the bookshelf was gone, I had some room to walk, so I quickly went through and picked up trash and clutter that was laying on the floor. Then I vacuumed the area of carpeting that I could see. No, the room wasn’t even close to done, but it was really encouraging to see that clean patch of floor.

Then I gathered the empty totes and boxes that were emptied during inventory (many of which had been in other rooms of the house because there wasn’t room for them in the craft room). I labelled them and then began to sort through boxes. I got through about five before it was time to quit for the day, and I cleared enough floor space to allow me to put my sorted boxes back in the room. I should probably mention at this point, that I’ve tried completely emptying out this room and then sorting and purging before dragging the keepers back in. It left me with two disaster rooms in the house instead of one. I do better with smaller, contained projects.

I filled one donate box and two 13-gallon trash bags.



The view of the closet really didn’t improved at all, but there was progress.

On Superbowl Sunday, I attacked the disaster again. This time, I was able to get through all of the boxes, and hauled out 2 more bags of trash, and 1 more donate box. Since I could finally get to my old sewing machine and the ugly cabinet that came with it, I took the opportunity to haul them both out. I wonder if the people at the Salvation Army are sick of seeing me yet?

Yesterday, I decided it was time for the folding banquet table to go. Between it and a couple of boxes that I missed, I filled up 2 more trash bags. If you are keeping track, that makes for 6 bags of trash and 2 boxes to donate so far. Then I vacuumed again, wiped down the wall and washed the window.

Here’s what the disaster looks like today:

Doesn’t look like much of a change, but wait:


Wait, what’s this? There was a closet hiding in this mess?

Why yes, there is indeed a closet. Please note the yarn that seems to have taken over what was supposed to be a sewing and crafting space.

So for this coming week, here’s the plan:
-Bring in a dresser from the dining room, and use it to contain the yarn stash. Whatever doesn’t fit will have to find a new home. That’s going to hurt.

-Once the yarn is out of the closet, I will evaluate the sewing notions that are in there and find a home for all of the stuff that is sitting in boxes on the floor. I’ve got a lot of containers that were emptied in the sorting process, so I shouldn’t need to buy anything new.

-Deal with the stuff that is still piled on the small dresser between the door and the closet.

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14 Responses to 29 Day Organizing Challenge, Week 1

  1. great progress, cannot wait to see the final result. Keep up the good work

  2. SAHMmy Says says:

    “… I vacuumed the area of carpeting that I could see. No, the room wasn’t even close to done, but it was really encouraging to see that clean patch of floor.” I do the same thing! Good start; thanks for updating!

  3. Well done! You’ve a lot of space in that closet you can put to good use.

  4. jveenis says:

    Wow great progress, makes me want to go back and purge more things in our office and my craft cupboard.

  5. Bernice J says:

    Love the progress you’ve made so far!! I am looking at the closet and wondering if it is possible to put in some extra shelves between the existing ones so that you can use all that vertical space?

    • That’s a good idea, but the plan is for the lowest shelf to be used as a work space. My sewing machine will live there, and the back wall will get some pegboard and/or corkboards to hold scissors, rotary cutter, snap pliers, seam rippers, fabric markers, and all of the other tools that I’m constantly losing. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I feel you on the doing a lot but not a lot to show for it! I can see what you’ve done though. And your plans are great. I have a closet hidden in my room, too. But I left it out of the challenge because I have no idea if I will even get to it.

  7. cluttercafe says:

    Looking good! You should be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work! Great update too. I’ll look forward to checking up on you. Have a great week. Lisa

  8. sara d says:

    Keep up the great work!

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