One in, One out

Today, I received a package that I’d been eagerly waiting for. Upon opening, I discovered that there was about 4 times as much box as there was product. Inspiration struck.

After admiring (and putting away) my new items, I started walking around the house, looking for clutter to fill the box back up. From now on, as soon a package comes in the mail, I am going to take the shipping box around the house and fill it with items to donate. No more storing empty boxes in the attic (aka, attic clutter), or taking them out with the trash.

It’ll be like a 2-for-1 deal: For every box that comes in the house (and I’ll note here that I am trying to be conscientious about bringing new stuff in) I also get the gratification of seeing another box of clutter losing it’s hold on my life.

What do you think? Is this a tactic that you could use to help de-crappify your house?

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One Response to One in, One out

  1. Yes, that is a great idea……I have plans that when I do that I might also take some items down to Savers Mart and sell them on consignment which might bring in a little extra cash too!!! You never know what someone might think is a “treasure!”

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