The Craft Room…Again


I have had help with my craft room before. At least twice, in fact.

I know I’m not the only person who has a place where they toss homeless stuff when company is coming. Or, you know, when they don’t feel like dealing with it. The problem here is that it’s a whole room, and it has gotten to the point where I can’t even get to my sewing machine, or my inventory, or even the stuff that needs to be moved to another room, without pole-vaulting over all of the mess that’s in the way. Though The Husband and the kids have certainly contributed (not that assigning blame ever solved a problem), I only need to look in the mirror to see where the fault lies.

It’s all me.

I can’t afford to have an unusable room in my home.
I need to be able to use my sewing machine.
I need to have a place for guests to sleep when they stay overnight.
I need to have my inventory organized and accessible.
I need a place to wrap gifts and pack orders for shipping.
I need to be able to vacuum the floor.
More than anything, I need to be able to walk past that door and not cringe at the thought of the disaster that lurks behind it.

I need to just deal with it:

If you think those pictures are bad, let me just say that I had to do a bit of straightening to get the room to that state.

I’ve been reading I’m an Organizing Junkie, for a few months now, and Laura’s 29-Day Organizing challenge has shamed inspired me to action. A deadline, a goal, and some motivation. If I manage to pull this off, I should have a peaceful, useful room that I might actually want to spend time in when I’m done.

My plan is to start by pulling out all of my business inventory and…doing inventory. Mostly, that is because I’ve been procrastinating, and it needs to get done before my looming tax appointment.

Once the inventory is out, I can deal with the bookshelf and books that belong in a different room, the sewing machine and table that need to be donated, and the totes that got emptied in the inventory process.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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14 Responses to The Craft Room…Again

  1. Stacie says:

    Found you on the linky for this challenge, I’m also working on my craft room! I look forward to progressing through this with you!!
    Stacie at

  2. sara d says:

    I am also doing a room…AGAIN! πŸ™‚ …seems to be never ending, actually!
    Good luck this month!

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m always looking for good craft room storage ideas! I’m looking forward to your “after” pictures!

    I am tackling the storage room!


  4. jveenis says:

    Good luck, I’m tackling our office/craft room and cant wait to see how you get yours in shape might be able to get some ideas.

  5. I will pray for you and you please pray for me!! I feel the way you do at times, and it can be overwhelming and it can be so hard when it comes to self motivation! It would be so nice to have a “cheering section” when it comes to getting things done we just dread…So You GO GIRL!!! Hooray for Mel—it can and will get done…..

  6. orgjunkie says:

    Hello! Thanks so much for participating! You’ve got a great space there. Is there any part of the room that does work well for you? That’s always a good place to start, to pay attention to those things because that tells a lot about how you use a space. I see you already have some shelves and a bookcase and a nice big closet there so those tools will definitely help. Are you able to remove everything from the room to do your sort and purge? Or at least pile it all into the middle of the room so you can see exactly what you are dealing with. It definitely will look worse before it gets better. You can totally do this!! And yes I will and am praying for you and all the participants!


    • Thanks Laura!
      The wire shelves are working better than anything else I’ve tried for holding my bulk inventory. I love that they’re adjustable, so if I find that I need another one, it’s simple to add it.

      The closet is a half-finished “cloffice” that I hope will become my dedicated crafting and sewing space, once I can get to it.

      The bookcase is coming out, and will be replaced by a dresser that I no longer have room for in my dining room. It will hold my yarn stash (once I purge enough to make it all fit). That will be my boundary for yarn-buying.

      As far as removing everything to sort and purge: I’ve done that before, but since I’ve got two children at home, it just became a second mess to deal with. As much as I’d love to see that room totally empty, this time, I’m going to sort box by box, and then purge again until everything fits. It will take more time, but the “worse before it gets better” should stay contained.

  7. Kim says:

    Well my new friend, we are both doing craft rooms, so I will be praying for you, cause I sure know I am going to need it. LOLOL I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures.

  8. SAHMmy Says says:

    Great idea to prioritize by starting with your inventory. Looking forward to the After!

  9. Megan Brown says:

    What a great space! Can’t wait to see the updates. Good luck with the challenge this month!
    The Girls

  10. Leonie Brand says:

    We have moved twice in the last three years and this made me consolidate my craft. My biggest issue was not have enough storage to keep all my stuff in. Because I like antique and vintage furniture, I bought myself two old kitchen cupboards with lead light doors. The measured the shelves and went to our $2 shop and bough tubs that took my craft supplies as well as fitted within the cupboard measurements. It worked well for a while, but now I need to buy another one, or maybe make more craft and give it away πŸ˜‰

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