Kids Cleaning Kits

My girls like to be helpers around the house. I have to admit that it’s very difficult for me to let them help (I’m a perfectionist, remember), and the idea of letting them use expensive and often toxic cleaning chemicals doesn’t thrill me either.

Since I know that a small investment in time and patience can reap great rewards, I’ve decided to grit my teeth and teach them how to clean around the house.

I picked up the heart-shaped baskets, dusting mitts and spray bottles in the dollar section at Target. The microfiber towels came out of the cleaning department at Target. The carpenter’s aprons were $1.99 apiece at Hobby Lobby. I don’t remember where I picked up the embellishments for the aprons, but I do know they were on clearance.

It took less than 15 minutes to iron the designs on. The directions were to set the iron for Wool, iron the (clear plastic covered) top for 10 seconds, flip the apron over, and iron the back for 5 seconds. Cool and peel off the clear plastic. Done.

My Little Helpers like to wear aprons, and they love anything pink. I know that I will have to hide the baskets (otherwise I’ll find them out in the chicken coop, covered in…fertilizer) and of course, the spray bottles will be only partially filled with water under strict supervision. This should be an adventure.

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2 Responses to Kids Cleaning Kits

  1. oh yes they are both such good little helpers!!! i just love it when they help me!!! i just use dish detergent and they love it!!! i bet they are proud little helpers too and love their new aprons!! what a great mom!!!

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