Daily Planner

I’ve been trying to get myself organized for a while now.  I concluded back before the Holidays that I need a planner so that I can keep my to-do list in front of me, and so that I can write events down on the calendar before I forgot about them. 

One of my greatest talents is forgetting.  I went 18 months without getting my teeth cleaned because I could not remember to call the dentist to make an appointment. I went 11 months without publishing a blog post because I could never remember to go take some pictures in order to finish a post. Pathetic.

I shopped around for a planner that I liked (and could afford), and I finally found one.  But then there was a problem.  The pages are spendy, they’re not particularly pretty, and even though there are a lot of options for page layouts, none of them were really suited to my needs.  So I looked around online for something I could just print as needed.  There are tons of options out there, some free, some not.  But most of them are intended for a letter-sized binder, and I did not want to be dragging something that large around with me everywhere.

Then, I remembered that I had purchased a desktop publishing program to allow me to design a catalog for my tea business.  I could make exactly what I wanted, for free, and if I didn’t like it, I could just keep revising it until it worked.  I like to create even more than I like to shop (and I do enjoy shopping) so this was the perfect answer.

I need something that will allow me to see my day, all of my day, at a glance.  Homeschool, business, meal planning, appointments, housekeeping and laundry, and a place to jot down notes before I can forget them.

Here it is, please be kind.

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4 Responses to Daily Planner

  1. Dad says:

    Though I seldom get to say it, you always impress me.

  2. Kim says:

    Very pretty and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jano says:

    I really like your planner! We eat Supper also, not dinner!
    This is the first planner I have seen that said Supper.

    • Thank you for the kind words. We actually have a bit of a dispute around here with regard to “dinner”. The Husband refers to lunch as “dinner” and I call supper “dinner”. It has caused confusion more than once.

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