Upstairs Bathroom, Part 2

After organizing everything inside of the cabinets, I was ready to deal with the part of the bathroom that is visible all of the time. I took a piece of fabric from the toile squares project, and used it to find a matching paint color. That’s right, red. I thought The Husband would faint. Instead, he just said “whatever makes you happy”. After 7 years of marriage, he’s learning.

If you remember, the walls were an unremarkable chocolate milk color, there was nothing on the wall above the toilet, and there was a too-small-for-the-space candle sconce on the wall to the left of the toilet. There was also an expanse of oak cabinet to the right of the sink.

bathroom before

bathroom before 2
Dull. Drab. Boring.

Now, I don’t think that the bathroom needs to be Party Central, but there’s no reason it can’t be pretty and bright.

So I brought home my bucket of red paint, and after a small setback, I painted the wall behind the toilet. I was horrified after the first coat, because red doesn’t cover particularly well, and the wet color was a sort of hideous bright pink. It ultimately took three coats of paint, but once it all dried, I was thrilled!

I kept the ticking striped valance, but traded the candleholder for the toile squares I made. I’ve got big plans for that candleholder elsewhere. The Husband installed a very simple shelf behind the toilet, and 2 more next to the sink for me. I recognized that the countertop is the natural destination of hair scrunchies, jewelry and other clutter, so rather than fight it, I put a toile bowl (please note: I did not say “toilet bowl”) in the corner to catch it all.


I was feeling pretty content with everything, until I went to put the light fixture back up above the sink. I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

sink light
To say that I hate it would be an understatement. It ranks right up there with knockdown texture and flat white builder’s paint in the kitchen. Gross.

So we currently have 2 exposed lightbulbs above the bathroom sink. I can live with that until I find an affordable fixture that I like.

Then Disaster–aka Boodie, struck. She is obsessed with water. It seems that she created a flood between the sink and toilet, and since there was a towel laying on the floor, I didn’t notice right away. Until I stepped in it while wearing socks. I really hate that. Upon investigation, the tiles all around the toilet are curling up, and there is new staining on the ceiling tiles in the downstairs bathroom. It goes nicely with the staining that The Taterbug caused when she went through her flood phase. Sigh.

Now, we had been planning to replace the ugly green floor tiles, but hadn’t gotten around to picking out a replacement, and the winter has been so disgustingly mild that we haven’t made time for a major indoor project. I’m not thrilled about the prospect of replacing the subfloor, but I guess it’s nice to have an excuse to get rid of something that you hate, but that is functional, right?

I’ll soon be on the hunt for bathroom floor tile. Since we’re very happy with the ceramic tile that is in most of the rest of the house, we’ll probably go with more of the same. Even the cheap stuff looks classier than that green vinyl.

Meanwhile, what do you think? Would you use such a bold wall color in the bathroom?

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