Budget Bathroom Art

I’d been thinking about re-doing my upstairs bathroom with red toile for close to a year, but just couldn’t commit to spending the money on the Country Living accessories that I liked. Plus, since my shower has glass doors, I couldn’t even use the shower curtain that was my favorite piece in the line.

I had almost talked myself into spending my christmas money, when I came across a yard of red on white toile fabric at the Salvation Army for $2. I didn’t know for sure what I was going to do with it, I just knew that it needed to come home with me. When I found some 12″ cork board squares at Walmart for $4 apiece, a light bulb went off in my head.

I’ve read many a blog tutorial that showed how to spruce up an ugly bulletin board with fabric, and decided that would be the perfect way to liven up my chocolate-milk colored bathroom.

toile supplies

What You’ll Need:
1/2 yard fabric
2 12″ cork board squares
spray adhesive
staple gun (or hot glue gun)

Wash and iron the fabric. Or not. After being folded up and sitting on a thrift store shelf for who knows how long, my fabric definitely needed it.

Position the cork square over the fabric, adjusting it until the pattern is aligned the way you want it.

Cut around the square, leaving a 2″ margin all the way around.

Lightly spray the adhesive on the front of the cork square, and place it onto the wrong side of the fabric. Smooth out any wrinkles.

toile squares

Pull the fabric tight around the back of the square, and staple in place (or hot glue in place), mitering the corners. (Sorry, I didn’t get a pic of this critical step)

Trim off the excess fabric.

Hang on wall (that’s what The Husband is for).
toile squares

I briefly toyed with the notion of having the wrong side of the fabric show, because it had a nice vintage look. Ultimately though, that wasn’t the look I was going for, and I was afraid the pattern would be lost against the chocolate-milk colored wall.

I may decide later to use some push pins to hang up my jewelry, which I have a bad habit of leaving all over the house. Or maybe I’ll post my cleaning list on one of the squares. For now though, I’m really enjoying the simple, uncluttered look.

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