The Gift Tote

In general, I enjoy living 100 miles from town. Unwanted visitors are rare (unless you count skunks) and there is a lot of peace and quiet. There are occasional challenges though. When the power goes out, it could last for days, and if I forget something on my grocery list, I have to figure out how to cook a week’s worth of meals without it.

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that I almost always find out about birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers in between trips to town. In other words, after my most recent trip, and before my next trip.

I have found a way to be always prepared. When I find a good deal on the things that I like to give for these occasions (picture frames, casserole dishes, handmade baby washcloths, baby leg warmers) I stock up and store them in a clear tote. I especially love to shop clearance sales. Often, an item is being discounted to make way for a new style or different packaging.

This shopping ahead allows me to give a nicer gift than I would otherwise be able to afford, and I never have to make a special trip to town to find something at the last minute. If I could just remember to stock up on gift tags and birthday cards, I’d have a perfect system.

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