The Spice Cabinet


I never did put organizers on the cabinet doors. What I did instead, was pick up some Rubbermaid turntables to use on the shelves. These turntables allow me to use the full depth of the shelves, while keeping everything accessible. No more food coloring disappearing into the darkest reaches of the cabinet. These are working especially well for dealing with the corner of the cabinet, where there is a foot of space on every shelf that never sees the light of day.

Straightening out this mess has been a long time coming. It started out as a neatly organized cabinet, but I kept finding new things that needed to be stored in there. Over time, it just became a jumble of mystery spice blends (from the time I experimented with breakfast sausage) and sticky bottles of corn syrup.

Before I touched anything, I decided that I needed to keep some sort of inventory of that cabinet so I don’t wind up with 4 jars of ginger again. I did a quick internet search, and found this.

I cleared off the dining room table, and started handing all of the small spice jars to the Taterbug. She happily carried them to the table and returned for more. She loves to help.

Once they were all out, I pulled out the risers (mine are wire, but the same general idea) and wiped down the shelf.

I counted everything up, marked it down on the inventory list, and put it all back, neatly, on the risers. One side for spices that I typically use in desserts (these have since been moved to the pantry), the other for herbs and spices that I use in savory dishes.

There’s about a square foot of blind space on each shelf that I decided would be good for filling up with unopened boxes of baking soda, kosher salt, rock salt and table salt. If I forget they’re in there, at least these things are cheap and don’t spoil.

I pulled all of my cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies off the top shelf. They’re moving to the baking cupboard. I re-filled the top shelf with the big containers of spices that we use often.

The middle shelf will be filled up with things like muffin cups (stacked neatly in a recycled soup can, and labelled), baking powder, soy sauce, labelled spice blends, cooking spray and vanilla extract.

I will pick up a couple of cabinet door organizers the next time that I’m in town. They’ll be used to hold some of the spices that I use the most frequently.

After:spice cabinet

Next up: The counter in the pantry. I have big plans for that space.

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One Response to The Spice Cabinet

  1. beckybarnfather says:

    Wow, you’re cupboards look fantastic!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

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