Kitchen Reformat, Part 2

In my quest to make my pantry more usable, I moved all of the glass bakeware from the cabinet over the stove and into the pantry. This left me with an empty cabinet to fill up.

I really hate that cabinet.

Can’t keep oil up there, it’ll go rancid faster. Can’t keep spices or flour up there, they’re supposed to be stored away from heat too. Pan lids…no, they tend to catch on each other, and then fall on me. I don’t need a tour of the E.R.

Hmm. What about the canning jars? They’re designed to withstand heat, and I won’t be using them til Fall. I hope. Canning jars it is!

The cabinet only has two shelves, but I discovered that I can fit two layers of pint jars on the bottom shelf, and two layers of quart jars on the top shelf. I just need to find a thin sheet of paneling to separate the layers. Presto! Three boxes of clutter removed from my pantry.

Now, I really do need to do something about the spice cabinet. I’ve been meaning to deal with that mess since November. Maybe tomorrow.

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