Asiago Cheese Dip

Every fall, my family drives through Spearfish Canyon to enjoy the fall leaves. Sometimes, it’s just The Husband, the kids and me, and other times, my sister and her family, my dad or my brother come along too.


We usually walk around Spearfish Falls and Roughlock Falls, and enjoy the crisp fall air.

If we time our excursion just right, we stop at the Latchstring Inn for appetizers. My favorite is Asiago Cheese Dip with toasted bread.

I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to bring something over-the-top for Christmas munching, so I searched the web for a recipe. Most of the recipes online include sun-dried tomatoes and/or artichokes. I have nothing against either one, but I was pretty sure they weren’t in the dip that I love.

I finally came across The Recipe. It is perfect in every way, except one. I learned the hard way that I don’t have the attention span for roasting garlic at home. If you burn garlic, you’ll swear a skunk got into your house*. As it happens, I have experienced both. The smell of burnt garlic goes away much faster. I am happy to report that minced garlic (the kind that comes in a jar, and you refrigerate after opening) will work just fine.

This isn’t health food, but boy is it good! I like to serve it with toasted french bread slices, but water crackers or wheat thins will do as well.

*If you ever discover a skunk has wandered into your house, you’ll quickly discover who your true friends are. That’s all I have to say ’bout that.

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