ETA, April 18th

I wrote previously about my plans to acquire some chickens this coming spring. I’ve spent hours comparing the different breeds and debating between hatchery and breeder chickens. I eventually decided to order chicks from Cackle hatchery, and we will probably pick out some Easter Egger chicks from the feed store. There are a couple of breeders that I plan to purchase hatching eggs from later.

On Dec. 20th, I ordered partridge and gold-laced bantam Cochins for my girls, since they are reputed to be calm, docile birds and thus better suited to children. I ordered Buff Orpingtons, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Speckled Sussex and standard Blue Cochins for me. They won’t arrive until April, but I wanted to be sure I could get the breeds of chickens I wanted, and now that they’re ordered, a deadline for finishing the coop has been set. Nobody wants to live with baby chicks in the house for very long.

Now, we wait for spring.

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