Crocheted play food

So I’ve been working on and off on a set of play food for a Christmas gift. Every pattern was either free (I always check Crochet Pattern Central for patterns before I start a project), or something that I bought intending to use for my girls.

First, I made a tea set, with Caron Simply Soft in lavender and pink. I free-handed a couple of cookies to go with the set. crochet tea set

Next, I made a sandwich set. It really worked up quickly. I wanted the bacon to curl up like real bacon (it’s pictured with the breakfast plate), so I crocheted 2 sc into every stitch all around the edges. crochet sandwich

Then I figured there needed to be some fruits and veggies, so I made up an apple, carrot, pear and tomato. crochet fruits and veggies

Since my favorite meal is fried chicken, I couldn’t resist making a nice drumstick. It seemed sort of lonely, so I made some broccoli to keep it company. As a reward to myself (I don’t particularly like broccoli) I then made a cupcake and an ice cream cone. dinner and dessert

Since I had already made some bacon from the sandwich pattern, I decided to make some eggs and blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
crochet breakfastThe pancakes were just single crochet starting out with 6 sc into a ring, and increasing each round until they were the right size. The eggs were totally made up as I went, and as you can see, the whites didn’t come out the same size. The yolks were made the same as the pancakes, just fewer rounds. Here’s a pattern that I didn’t write (of course, I didn’t write any of these patterns), but it’s similar to what I did.

I made all of the play food with cotton yarn. Between Sugar ‘n Cream, Lion Cotton, I Love This Cotton and Peaches & Creme, you can find the right color to make just about any kind of food.

This was a fun project, though I was working on it right up to the mailing deadline. I hope the children who will receive this play food enjoy it.

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