The craft room, Part 1

You know how every kitchen has a junk drawer? Well, I have one too, except it’s not in my kitchen, and it’s not a drawer. It’s my craft room. It contains my sewing machine, the vacuum, the carpet shampooer, the inventory from my home business, and bags and bags of unwrapped gifts, unfinished craft projects, unsorted craft supplies, yarn, fabric, and miscellaneous items that I try to protect from my darling children.

My craft room had reached the point where I needed prayer and a long pole to get in and out of there safely. It was enough to send me into a depression at the very thought of cleaning it up. The potential for destruction, frustration and tears on a project like this is pretty high.

My little girls would love to “help”, but I’m no saint in the patience department. It’s also not really something I want the husband’s help with. It’s in my best interest that he never see my entire yarn stash together in one place. Plus when I’m doing something that I don’t want to be doing, it is far too easy for me to take it out on him.

Basically, it was a project that I needed a friend’s help with. Not just any friend, but someone who could be objective, patient, and blunt.

So, yesterday, my sister came to visit me. We decided to dive in and do something about the mess. We didn’t get the whole thing clean and organized–we’re only two human beings with three children underfoot after all. We did, however, make great progress.

Step one: Put on a Christmas cartoon for the kids. Haul out all of the business inventory, sort it into clear totes, and stack it the dining room.

Step two: Chase the kids out of the craft room, put on another cartoon. Use the cardboard boxes that we emptied of business inventory to sort gifts, unfinished projects, yarn, stuff to donate, craft supplies, and homeschooling supplies. Coming up with a permanent storage solution for these things will be a project for another day.

Step three: Offer the kids some hot cocoa, and try sending them to their room to jump on the bed. Clear books out of the bookcase, and stack them in a box. They will get a new home in the office, one day soon. Refill the bookcase with bulk teas. Some additional shelves will need to be added to keep the teas organized, but it’s a start.

Step four: Pick up all of the loose odds and ends from the floor, including 3 helpful children. Sigh.

Step five: Haul the business inventory back into the room, stack neatly against the wall.

Step six: Begin sorting yarns into smaller boxes by fiber, weight, and eventually, by color. Set aside yarns to re-sell.

Step seven: Haul the sorted craft supplies, homeschool supplies, yarn and gift items back in and stack neatly against the wall.

Step eight: Send the husband, who chose the wrong moment to walk in the door, out to the pickup with the Stuff to Donate, and the Trash. Saved us having to go out in the cold and snow.

Step nine: Sit down, contemplate supper. Decide that microwave popcorn and milkshakes sound like a fabulous plan.

Step ten: Thank sister for help (I would never have tackled that depressing mess by myself), and for putting up with my crabby self all afternoon. Send sister and nephew on their way home with admonition to drive carefully and watch out for deer and badgers.

Next up: Accept the wonderful cousin-in-law’s offer to come over and help me devise a final storage plan and workable layout for the craft room.

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