The Mudroom

Last week, I sent the husband to the Salvation Army (that place is both a blessing and a curse) with two large boxes of toys, and 2 garbage bags full of outgrown toddler clothing. That was just from one bedroom shared by two little girls. More stuff must go before I wind up on a reality TV show.

Today, with the help of the husband, I tackled the mudroom and the front closet.

We removed:
3 bags of outgrown and unworn coats
A set of tray tables that have been used exactly twice in 6 years
A roller blind that had fallen apart
A small wooden shelving unit
Several pairs of worn out shoes
A baby gate
An assortment of tote bags
About a pound of dirt from the floor
A bag of outgrown childrens clothing that had been buried in tote bags which were buried under outgrown coats

Are you seeing a pattern yet? There was plenty of storage, in the form of shelves, coat hooks, and bags, but it was storing a bunch of stuff we didn’t need. It’s so easy to believe that all we need is more storage space, or a better organizing system, when what we really need is to get rid of some stuff. The bonus is that we didn’t have to plan a shopping trip or purchase anything. We made our home more livable in just a couple of hours without spending a dime, and a charity will benefit from our efforts too.

The walls, doors and floor still need scrubbed, but I already feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am starting to feel the joy of the holiday season in the air. I think maybe it was trapped under those old coats.

Next up: the kitchen cupboards

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One Response to The Mudroom

  1. Beth says:

    Melanie, I’m sorry I didn’t read your blog until today… was going through my inbox to delete a bunch of old email and found your critique request from last week.

    You are a wonderful writer! I enjoyed everything you wrote and identified with a great deal of it.

    Although my toddlers grew up long ago, I am practically (borrowing the phrase) “Buried Alive” like the Hoarders TV program. After seeing the show last spring I swore off garage sales and have been VERY good–did not attend any this year for fear of being infamously featured in that venue.

    I’m not being a good girl right now, though, because Christmas is coming. The house is Super Santa Land as usual and my office is full of boxes. Hopefully by Boxing Day I’ll be inspired again.

    Love you dearly and always!

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