Drowning in Stuff

Christmas is coming, and there is already too much stuff in this house. The mere thought of decorating, which I really love to do, is filling me with anxiety as I look around at of all of the stuff that has to be put away and/or cleaned up before I can even get started.

There are too many shoes, too many coats, too many blankets, too many toys, too many VHS tapes, too many pillows, too many kitchen gadgets, and too many dishes. I have too many clothes, and the kids have too many clothes. The husband passed “Too Many” and entered the realm of “Imelda, It’s Time For An Intervention” long ago.

I look around, and deep, philosophical questions fill my mind.

Why is the closet full before I put away a week’s worth of laundry?

Where will the clean sippy cups go when the cupboard is already full of them?

Does one man really need 15 insulated (leaky) coffee mugs and 3 coffee makers?

Does one child really need 3 sets of snow pants?

How did I wind up with 37 mostly-used-up lotions?

How is it possible that with 30+ feet of coat hooks, there is no place for a guest to hang up his coat?

Why is there never an empty hamper or laundry basket in this house?

I have always said that I don’t mind clutter, it’s the dirt and grime of daily life that I can’t stand. But the truth is, I have to do something about the clutter before I can deal with the grime. Frankly, living with clutter sucks up a lot of time, energy and money. I don’t know anybody who has any of those things in excess. It’s time to de-clutter and regain some control over this house.

Next up: the mudroom

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