To-do part two…The girls’ bedroom

It’s a black hole for clothing, a repository of missing kitchen utensils, and a mine field of toys that don’t get played with. That room generally looks like a tornado hit it. Something must be done.

Step one:  Drag kids into the room, and have them “help” me put the toys in the toy box, pick up all of the clothes off the floor and put them into the hamper, put trash into the garbage etc.  This step is the hardest for me, because I hate cleaning.  I want to get it over with ASAP, and little kid help doesn’t make things go faster.  I keep reminding myself that someday, maybe, my girls will be easier to live with because they’ve been trained to help keep their environment decent.  I hope they come and visit me at the asylum.

Step two:  Strip the beds, throw sheets in the washer then proceed to step three.

Step three:  Vacuum the carpet, accompanied by two hysterical shrieking girls huddling on top of the night stand.  I don’t get this, but they act exactly like my dog used to when I vacuum.  You’d think the vacuum was actually capable of pulling them into an alternate dimension or something. By contrast, my nephew loves the vacuum.  He thinks a trip down the vacuum aisle at Wal-Mart is like going to the zoo.  I’m not totally convinced that this sweet, calm, biddable child is related to me.

Step four:  Shampoo the carpet.  Boodie is potty training. Carpeting and potty-training are not compatible.

Step five:  Turn on the fan and go do something else for a couple of hours.

Step six:  Remove the toddler bed frame from the room (I’ll explain that in a minute), and re-make the beds.

Step seven:  Remove the Cupboard from the bedroom and call it a day.

I figured out pretty early on with the Taterbug that jumping on the bed was going to be an irresistible temptation, so rather than dying on that hill, I decided to just get the cheapest mattress I could find and throw it on the floor. Once the girls outgrow the jumping phase I will invest in a nice mattress and box spring set, and move Grandma’s antique bedroom set into their bedroom. I figure that I can safely do this about the time that Boodie is a Freshman in college.

Pros:  Less space for junk to hide

Didn’t have to buy a bed frame

Easier to move the bed for cleaning

Less potential for serious bodily damage from jumping on the bed

Con:  the sheets don’t stay tucked in as well as I’d like

Why I didn’t just do this as soon as I took Boodie out of her crib, I don’t know.  She started pulling her mattress off the toddler bed frame almost immediately, but it took me about a month to wise up. That child could demolish a concrete bunker.

Next up:  Cleaning out the girls’ closets. Pray for me.



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