To-do part three…The girls’ closets

I’ve tried organizing these closets before, and it just didn’t last long.  That may be due to my general lack of motivation. Or it could be because I’ve given birth to a couple of tornadoes. I’d give it even odds. I’ve got a couple of new tricks up my sleeves this time, and I’m hoping for better results.

Step one:  Pick through every single item of clothing, and divide into 4 groups, Fits, Too Big, Donate, Sell.  Items that fit will get hung back in the closet.  Items that are too big will be packed into clear totes by size and stored in the attic.  Donate items go into a trash bag, Sell items go into another trash bag.

Step two:  Remove the washstand from Boodie’s closet, and give it a new life in the kitchen.  It wasn’t working as a place to store her socks and diapers, and besides, she’s pretty well out of diapers.

Step three:  Vacuum the potato chip crumbs “I’m pretty sure Boodie did it, (even though you caught me eating them in there) Mom” off the closet floors.  Sigh.

Step four:  Put the hampers and shoe sorters back in the closets.  Fill the shoe sorters with shoes that fit (sheer genius, I tell you!), make note of what shoes they need.

Step five:  Hang a lower closet rod off the main rod.  Place clothes for wearing around the house (you know the kind: mystery stains, holes in the knees, matches nothing) on the lower rod where the girls can reach them, and clothes for wearing out in public on the higher rod, where they can’t reach them.  Boodie is going through a Steal-Big-Sister’s-Clothes-And-Do-A-Wardrobe-Change-100-Times-A-Day phase right now. I hate doing extra laundry, and if she can reach it, it will be on the floor in no time.

Step six:  Place underwear, socks, tights and PJ’s into canvas bins, and put them up on the shelf.  Take measurements so I can buy extra shelves the next time I get to town.  Might as well put that wasted space to good use.  I can store their off-season clothes that still fit on the higher shelves.

Step seven:  While I’m on a roll, draft husband to help me sort through the toys and box up 75% of them to donate while the girls are watching cartoons.  Yes, I really did what I swore I’d never do:  I got rid of my childrens’ property without their knowledge or consent.  If left to his own devices, the husband would have gotten rid of 100% of the toys. I don’t want to be the one to tell him that Christmas is coming.

Two days later, they haven’t missed anything, and we were able to completely remove the toy box from the living room.

Step eight:  Become a drill sergeant, mercilessly requiring toys, trash and dirty clothes be picked up, beds made, and bodies dressed before school work can begin.  Once they’re dressed, I can lock their closet doors for the day so I don’t find every piece of clean clothing lying on the floor.

Next up:  Make a chore chart for each girl so they have an outlet for their “put stickers on everything in sight” impulses.

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