To-Do list

This week, I’m doing some housecleaning and organizing in preparation for the Taterbug’s 5th birthday party. Since most of the action will take place in the kitchen and dining room, that’s where I’ll concentrate most of my attention.

Step one: mop and polish the black-and-white tile floor. I love the look of the tiles, and I’ve finally found a product that puts a nice shine (not a wet shine, but a nice scratch cover) on it and doesn’t break the bank, or my back.

Step two: steal unused furniture from the girl’s disaster area…um, bedroom, clean it up, and move it into the kitchen.

Step three: start filling up shelves with baking supplies, dishes, and other homeless (but not useless) kitchen stuff.

Step four: stand back and admire my accomplishment.


After the holidays, the cupboards will get a fresh coat of paint, and the wall just might too.

Next up: the cesspool, AKA, the girls’ room

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